Top website fails are very common indeed. They are common, not only because they are so widespread but also because the failures that they cause can be easily prevented with good web design guidelines and practice. The most successful web design trends and practices stem from a combination of factors that are both inherent in the nature of web design, and the way that the web designers and developers use those patterns to express ideas and share content on the web site. These practices make it possible for websites to achieve their purposes, while also being enjoyable to the users who arrive at them.

First, let’s look at the user experience design. If you think about what makes a good user experience, you probably think about the pop-up ads that litter the sidebars of many web sites. Pop-up advertisements are frustrating because they are there all the time, and they don’t seem to go away. They also make it very difficult for the user to figure out what they’re viewing. In short, pop-up hamburger menus are not user friendly. They make your website look like a casino and make it difficult to build a reputation on the internet.

While they are frustrating to the end user, they are a major design flaw that should be fixed right away. It is time to kill pop-ups and take a more dignified approach to designing the website of your choice. When browsing a website, you should never have to see an annoying pop-up ad. A well designed and simple website makes it easy for visitors to avoid this and spend their time enjoying the pages of the website.

Another top website fail is the page speed of the website. Many people make the assumption that the faster a website is, the more traffic it will attract. This is not always true and often slows down a page considerably before the end user has a chance to actually read any of the content on that page. If a visitor has to wait over 5 seconds to get to the next page, that visitor will move on to a competitor that is easier to visit. If you don’t want to lose your current customers, you need to ensure that the page load time is fast. This will also allow your competitors to compete with your site.

The site map is a critical part of a website’s design. Without a site map, users cannot navigate quickly from one page to the next. It takes time for them to find their way around your entire site. Poorly designed site maps lead to frustrated visitors and a lower page rank.

A third top website fail that many companies make is the use of flash or other animations on their website. Flash affects how visitors perceive the page. It can make it seem like the website is moving faster than it is and can cause visitors to be jittery when they first arrive on the page. This can result in lost visitors, which will affect your search engine ranking.

One of the most important things that your website needs is a fast page load. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large file size or a small file size; if you are unable to load the page within the amount of time that it says that it will take, your visitors will leave. Many people spend several minutes searching for information on your page. Imagine how many visitors you would lose if your page took too long to load. Your company should never sacrifice quality to save a few seconds of your time.

If you see any of these top website fails listed, it may be time to change the way you design the page. You will likely need to hire a professional to do it, but you can take over some of the tasks yourself. For example, many companies add a JavaScript code to the page. Others add a flash to the page. It all depends on what you think your audience is looking for, and how much time you want to spend on getting the page right.