CPQ at Atlas Copco: Sharing 10 years of experience

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Atlas Copco moved to CallidusCloud CPQ around 10 years ago. Starting with 100 users, they are now at over 10,000 and creating over 30,000 service quotes and machine configurations monthly. The Atlas Copco CallidusCloud CPQ [...]

The C in CPQ actually stands for connection

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Connectivity--it's what Verizon Telematics solutions are all about. But what about its sales force? On its home-grown pricing and quoting system, not so much. It couldn't handle dynamic changes and therefore wasn't scalable. Sales reps [...]

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…CPQ!

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools have been around for decades, yet many still struggle to understand the value. Is it merely a product configurator? Can CPQ help me even if my company doesn't sell complex [...]

The future of analytics and AI

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Attend this session to learn how machine learning and AI is turning forecasting from an administrative nightmare into a strategic sales tool. Drive the right behaviors with what-if analysis, discover missed opportunities before they turn [...]