Tom Moore is the Managing Director of Litmos Heroes. Litmos Heroes is more than just an e-Learning production company. It consists of a group of people who were so sick of boring e-learning that they all quit their jobs to make content that they would enjoy if they were the learner! They are passionate about learning and create courses using the latest discoveries in accelerated learning to deliver the biggest impact to people’s lives and careers. Tom has over 15 years experience working in a number of the UK’s top ‰Û÷bluechip’ organisations. In his current role, as MD, he works on behalf of the whole team, to make sure that they stay true to their core principles and continue to create a company that is innovative, disruptive, fun and a little bit wacky. He works across all of the Litmos Heroes teams (production, customer delight and sales) to make sure that their superhero outfits (processes, systems and tools) are properly darned, washed and ready for action. He also occasionally dons his own superhero outfit and shares the team’s vision of saving the world from boring e-learning.