Steve is a well-known Digital Motivation and Gamification expert. At CallidusCloud (and previously Badgeville), Steve and his team delivered 100’s of solutions for areas ranging from employee engagement, support communities, and performance management systems to loyalty programs and health care systems. Steve has broad experience in design, development and production across all major platforms ‰ÛÒ web, mobile, console and PC. Steve started his career at Electronics Arts and EA Online where he was an Executive Producer responsible for Madden NFL Football–the #1 selling sports video game franchise in North America. He also was involved in EA’s earliest forays into the online market, including Fantasy Sports and Casual Games. Steve is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar with MediaX at Stanford University, as well as a contributor to the Fortune Leadership Insiders Network. Steve has a BSEE from U.C.L.A. and a Masters in Computer Engineering from USC.