Juli is the Senior Manager of Sales Compensation within the finance group, managing a team that is responsible for the setup and administration of CallidusCloud Commissions which is used to pay about 500 global field sales personnel on a monthly basis. Juli joined Pivotal in early 2014 and was the finance lead for the design, testing, and implementation of CallidusCloud Commissions. Prior to Pivotal, Juli was at Intuit for eight years, managing sales compensation for the retail sales channel, also using CallidusCloud. Prior to that, Juli was at Peregrine and was the finance lead responsible for design and implementation of CallidusCloud TrueComp. Juli has also been finance lead for several ERP and CRM implementations in various other high-tech companies. Sixteen years ago, Juli relocated to California from the Detroit area where she earned an MBA in finance and taught business management and business information systems courses at Eastern Michigan University.