Dr. Eve Kedar has been a productivity promoter throughout her professional career. From starting with helping grapefruit trees become more fruitful, to creating STEM mentoring programs for high school students in Silicon Valley (the Vega Girls Project!), she consistently looks at how to effectively close gaps, and create programs to align with business needs. A supporter of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness, and a builder of bridges between cross functional teams, Eve has worked at both startups and Fortune 500 corporations, leveraging her growing enablement expertise. Eve holds a graduate degree in Leadership for Change from Fielding Graduate University. She enjoys reading (the latest sales related books), playing the ukelele, and engaging in community non-profits. She is also happy to talk about Orienteering and/or AutoEthnography to those who are interested. Eve is passionate about uplifting Gainsight’s Sales Team and helping them to become Fire Breathing Dragons all while using Litmos along the way!