Mr. Simon offers a rare depth and breadth of experience across technology and operations, both product and enterprise technologies, functional business areas, industries, and business environments. He has built a proven track record in innovating both internal and external product solutions, growing profits, increasing efficiency through automation, lowering costs, and energizing the sales and customer experience within global operations. He has achieved this by architecting and driving technology visions, innovating value-added technical solutions and products, establishing efficient operations infrastructures, promoting and evangelizing the value in technology solutions, building and empowering world-class teams, and managing enterprise-scale, business-process, re-engineering initiatives.

In his current role as Associate Director, Enterprise IT for Verizon Telematics, Mr. Simon has built out an enterprise technology solutions and support department to improve sales, support, and operations efficiency, along with improving all of the many touchpoints of the customer experience. This includes full call center design and implementation integrated with both pre-sale and post-sale automation in customer relationship management and financial management systems.

In his previous role as Vice President of Information Technology for Brookfield Homes, an international, $1.5 billion, residential developer/homebuilder, Mr. Simon played an indispensable role in transforming the entire technology and operations infrastructure. He managed enterprise-wide technology operations, $3.5 million in budget, 35 team members and contractors, regulatory compliance, program development, vendor contract negotiations, network and infrastructure design, software development, systems integration, and numerous large-scale operations projects. He consistently delivered substantial improvements in the areas of cost, productivity, efficiency, and service by reengineering processes and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions throughout. Most notably, he launched new revenue streams through the convergence of technology and residential development, generating in excess of $1 million in new revenues, built a best-of-breed enterprise infrastructure that supported 400% business growth, developed an agile web-driven software solution that cut administrative errors by 64%, and managed a world-class IT team through three corporate restructurings and an IPO.

He combines this track record of bottom-line achievements with certifications, advanced training, and hands-on experience in a wide range of proven, cutting-edge technologies that include sustainable technology solutions, multiple enterprise applications, web/e-commerce solutions, operating systems, servers, databases, network infrastructure, telecommunications, help desk, business intelligence, security, disaster recovery, data center operations, programming languages, and tools. As an industry leader, Mr. Simon is also actively involved in industry-leading professional organizations and conferences, is a published author on technology issues, and has served as a speaker on technology innovation at multiple conferences.