Chris Underwood is the Director of Customer Support Training at Fitbit. Before joining Fitbit in 2016, he was Senior Manager of AppleCare Customer Care training at Apple for 8 years. His career has evolved in the high tech industry and he has worked in Training and Certification management at HP, Google, Mercury Interactive, Liberate Technologies and Oracle. In 2007 Chris’s HP Software training team won the Bersin & Associates Learning Leaders award for Initiative Excellence. In his career, Chris has worked as a Technical Support agent, a Technical Writer, Instructor/Course Developer and has held various technical training management roles. He was the Editor-in-Chief and creator of the Oracle Technology News, an online technical magazine for Oracle developers and also developed the first Google Advertising Professional learning and accreditation program and the first interactive TV certification training program for Liberate Technologies. Chris has a business degree in management, and has built and led technical training teams and training centers worldwide. He has a passion for leadership, mentoring and customer service.